On October 27th, 1998 in Morristown, New Jersey, Kaleb Mitchell was born. At only five years of age, Kaleb began playing the piano by ear, and by the age of eight had already decided that he wanted to be a rapper, after watching Eminem's 8 Mile film for the first time.

Kaleb Mitchell's recording career began in 2015, with the release of a few free singles and his first mixtape, Soliloquy, on July 10th via his SoundCloud account. Kaleb's second mixtape, 45, was released on April 16th, 2016, again through SoundCloud. After the release of 45, Kaleb put out multiple free singles and quickly started gaining traction on the internet and in the underground hip hop scene. He has accumulated well over 1.9 million collective streams on SoundCloud alone.

His third mixtape & first retail effort, So Help Me God, was released on June 9th, 2017. SHMG peaked at #7 on the iTunes 'Hip Hop/Rap' charts, and came in at #82 overall.

In 2017, Kaleb started BENCHWRMRS. "When I was growing up, everyone took me for a joke" says Kaleb. "I wasn't invited to the parties, I rode the bench for most of my basketball season. I was never really picked first for anything. The irony is, nine times out of ten, I was more capable than the people being picked ahead of me haha. One day I was just thinking about what I could call the people that support me. Something that could unite my listeners. Then, it hit me. I represent the overlooked. The BENCHWRMRS."

Stay tuned to see what Kaleb does next.